10 Regular House Keeping Errors You Might Be Committing Every Day

When you run a household, there are lots of things that you need to be aware of. Being stuck between rubbing dishes, cleaning, wiping household appliances, performing laundry and carrying out a litany of other housekeeping chores, it’s tempting to rush into things. The worse part being, you don’t even stop to think for a second that there may be a better way to do it (and trust us, there is always a better way).

At most cases, all you need is making little adjustments to your regular housekeeping approach which surprisingly can help you save lots of hours, effort, devotion and money. You need to be more open to doing your regular housework in a different way.

To help you do that, End of Lease Clean– your trusted cleaning specialists near you will point out 10 common housekeeping mistakes which you often make.

  • Using Soap To Wash Your Cutting Board

No matter whether you’re slicing fruits, vegetables or meat using your cutting board, you need to wash it properly after every use. But scrubbing it with soap is definitely the wrong way to do it.

You need to soak the cutting board in bleach (especially if you use it to cut raw meat which may contain bacteria) and properly sterilise it to prevent further bacterial transfer.

  • Not Cleaning/Replacing The Soap Sponge

The soap sponge is often used to ensure the kitchen area is clean and germ-free. But if you keep using it without cleaning or replacing it when worn out, you’re making a mistake. Our cleaning specialists who are vastly experienced in house cleaning suggest you clean your soap sponge in every 2-3 days.

Clean it with water and dry it properly before using it again. And if the sponge in use has worn out, replace it with a new one. In fact, we would recommend you use a fresh one every month.

  • Using A Dry Rag To Dust Off Surfaces

Avoid dusting off surfaces using a dry rag. As you perform the cleaning with the fan running, it only appears to the naked eye that everything is pearly white and clean. But in reality, the dust only flyes elsewhere and makes the interior in-congenial for breathing.

The best way to go forward is to wet the rag slightly and then wipe off those surfaces. That will allow the rag to absorb the dust more effectively and prevent you from cleaning it again.

  • Not Performing Weekly Pillow Washing

Yes, you may wash those dirty pillowcases every week, but what about the pillows?

They too are subjected to dust mites, bacteria, body oils and more. Every quality pillow will come with its specific laundering instructions. Stick to it and look to wash it in every 2-4 months.

  • Cleaning The Garlic Press In Your Dishwasher

You love your garlic press. In fact, most homeowners do, simply because it minces garlic in seconds and saves a lot of time when cooking. But being used so many times without any proper cleaning means its nook and corner will have minced garlic all gummed over.

Yes, you may think that cleaning it in your dishwasher will get the job done. But it doesn’t and truth be told, you shouldn’t do it first-place!

 The best way to clean it is with water using your hands.

  • Wiping Your Stainless Steel Surfaces In Circular Motion

Whenever you look to clean your stainless steel surface, like your refrigerator, never wipe it in a circular motion. Doing so will only allow you to witness those stains again once the surface dries.

Look to find the grain in the stainless steel surface and wipe it sticking to that.

  • Overlooking Tough To Clean Spots & Items

Yes, you may well be performing the main cleaning chores like vacuuming, dusting and moping. But while doing so, you unknowingly overlook certain items like the light switch, TV remote, game console, and other, all of which can potentially harbour countless bacteria and contaminants.

There is no need to rush. Take your time in performing your regular house cleaning chores and once done, focus on these neglected items. To disinfect them; you can use any market available detergent and spritz over them. As for other difficult-to-reach-areas in your house, remove the existing gunk and filth by giving it a proper bleach wipe.

  • Using The Same Plunger For Both Toilets & Sinks

In the market, you will find two kinds of plungers. One which is used to clean sinks and the other which is appropriate for cleaning toilets!

Sink plungers come with a rubber cup at the end designed to work better on tub drains, sinks and other flat surfaces. Whereas plungers for toilers are more bell-shape, and its lower part acts a tight seal allowing appropriate toilet plunging.

Ask yourself – Are You Using the Right Plunger? If not then use the information to procure both plungers and use the right one in each case from now on.

  • Cleaning Your Wooden Floors Using Too Much Water

Wooden floors should never be exposed to excessive water during its cleaning. Doing so will only damage the wood beneath the surface- especially if noticeable signs of gouges and scratches exist in the floor finish.

  • Ignoring To Clean The Washing Machine

Many homeowners go by the logic – What’s The Point of Cleaning The Washing Machine If It Is Designed To Clean Dirty Things?

Don’t go by this logic as it sounds totally preposterous. Truth is, all your cleaning tools and appliances require as much care and cleaning as the other items in your house. As a responsible housekeeper, it is your duty to keep watch on all items which require proper cleaning and disinfecting.

Ignoring to clean your washing machine will result in your freshly washed clothes having a mildew smell. To avoid this, use a bit of vinegar and run the cycle setting at the hottest water temperature. It will ensure your reliable washing machine is squeaky clean and is devoid of any foul smell.

Every Mistake Committed Is A Learning Opportunity!

This applies to both house cleaning and housekeeping chores.  No one is perfect. And so there is no need to be embarrassed or ashamed if you’ve been committing these housekeeping errors all this while.

Every mistake you commit is an opportunity to learn and get better. Hopefully, by pointing out these 10 common housekeeping errors; you will remember to not repeat them next time.

And if you ever need professional house cleaning experts to provide you detailed cleaning, always trust End of Lease Clean.

We are just a call away…!