Cleaning & Disinfecting Your Home During Covid-19 Outbreak - An Insider’s Guide

Cleaning & Disinfecting Your Home During Covid-19 Outbreak – An Insider’s Guide

The dreaded COVID 19 virus has driven us into a new world order. Age-old habits are being given up, as people are fighting to come in terms with the neo-normal way of living. As things stand now, we are just 2 months short of the one year landmark since the virus first surfaced in Wuhan, the capital city of Hubei province in Central China in November 2019. With the virus not showing any signs of waning and the global rat race to get the perfect working vaccine still far from over, the world is quickly learning to come in terms with the fact that we will have to live with the virus for the time to come!!!

Lockdowns that had crippled the world economy are eased in a phase by phase manner, to set the wheel of business rolling, requiring people to amass at respective places works, sparkling the fear of fresh infections and second or third wave of a spike in the number of COVID cases. And it’s happening!! Thus, it has become a priority to do religiously, all that is needed to be done to contain the virus and lead a safe and healthy life and keep the probability of being infected by the virus at bay!

Here is where the issue of proper and scientific sanitisation and disinfection workplaces and homes comes into play. Now when we speak about sanitising and disinfecting, the practice is quite different from regular cleaning rules, which were being followed until the virus struck!! There are certain specific procedures that need to be followed and that can only and only be carried out by specialised professionals, who are trained and qualified enough. Thus, you need to put your stakes on a reputed house cleaning company in Melbourne that will be able to conduct the cleaning as per the norms. We at End of Lease Clean are one of the most vetted names you can turn to, for that!!

Now the question is, how do we disinfect and sanitise? Here is the inside story…

What is the difference between regular cleaning and disinfecting? 

First, let us know the difference between regular cleaning and disinfecting. Please note that regular cleaning involves simple cleaning of surfaces. It’s a superficial cleaning, which mainly involves the removal of dirt and dust particles. The simple cleaning agents that are used mainly include soapy water, common cleaning agents, vinegar, and other eco-friendly cleaning products from reputed brands.

However, disinfecting and sanitisation is much more robust and it involves very more comprehensive cleaning with the help of the appropriate cleaning agents, which will not only help to get rid of the dust and dirt from the surface but termination of bacteria and virus and other deadly microscopic germs from the hard as wells soft surfaces. In the case of soft surfaces, the process includes deep cleaning that will scoop up the dust and dirt and eliminate bacterial or viral precipitation from deep inside the surface and safeguard them from further accumulation of the same.

What cleaning agents come in handy in disinfection and COVID cleaning? 

Not every cleaning product is fit for disinfecting and COVID cleaning. Hence, the experts need to know about the products that would kill the virus

As per the experts, some of the effective cleaning agents that will come in handy COVID cleaning include:

  • Disinfecting wipes from various brands that are available in the stores
  • Hospital Grade disinfectant Sprays from reputed brands that are applied with the help of fogging machines to ensure that the agent reaches every nook and cranny of the property.
  • Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Hydrogen Peroxide

While using any of these highly effective virus-killing cleaning agents is important, it is also imperative to follow time-tested, proper techniques while conducting the disinfection and sanitisation process. As per the norms, it has to be made sure that the cleaning agent settles and remains moist on the surfaces or things for at least 10 minutes before they are wiped out manually, and that also with the use of the right techniques. Only then, a 99.9 percent probability of disinfection can be guaranteed. Yes, there is no 100% guarantee, but proper disinfection by trained professionals will surely almost totally obliterate any probability of infection whatsoever. “Almost’ is the right term to use, for the rest depends upon you, and how stringently you follow the ‘things-to-do’ to keep the virus at bay! It includes washing hands with soap and using Hydrogen peroxide-free sanitisers (H2O2 tends to have an adverse effect on the skin and hence it’s better not to use the ones that contain H2O2) , maintain social distance and hygiene.

Disinfecting and Sanitisation to keep COVID 19 at Bay

When you discuss disinfection and sanitisation, it obviously doesn’t mean a totalitarian cleaning of your entire house from top to bottom every day. Firstly, that is not possible and secondly that is not feasible either. Therefore, domestic COVID cleaning service in Melbourne like any other place mainly includes cleaning and disinfecting the high touch areas like:

  • Cupboards and the drawer pulls & Knobs
  • Faucets
  • Counters of kitchen and bathroom
  • Toilets, more so the seat and the handle
  • The refrigerator, the dishwasher, the oven(s) microwave handles,
  • Remote controls of TV, HVAC units and other appliances, video game controllers
  • Mobiles and tablets, PCs (the mouse, the screen, and the keyboard in particular), and laptops
  • Knobs and handles of doors and windows
  • Surfaces of tabletops
  • Railings of staircases
  • Switches of lights and switch plates…..and other high touch areas

The Special Steps….

The professionals would use high end fogging machines and heavy-duty vacuums and they generally put PPEs while carrying out the cleaning, maintaining social distancing.

They would request the occupants of the household to stay confined in a particular area as they conduct the cleaning.

Also, every professional is comprehensively medical-checked to make sure they do not show even remotest symptoms that resemble COVID infection, like sore throat, caught and cold, temperature, or pain in the body. This makes sure that the cleaners never turn out the origins of infections for the households.

So you see, when it comes to COVID cleaning, you must put your stakes on qualified professionals, who will carry out same-day domestic cleaning in Melbourne that is designed to negate the probability of COVID infection.

This is where we at End of Lease Clean would make a substantial difference. With a pool of highly qualified, adequately trained cleaning professionals we are one of the most trustworthy names, which will keep you safe and healthy in these difficult times. Call us now at 03 8583 9109  for further details!