Correct Ways to Clean Your Curtains without Bringing Them Down

Correct Ways to Clean Your Curtains without Bringing Them Down

Stating the obvious, but the cleanliness and hygiene of your verticals, shades and curtains are extremely important for your interior living environment. These curtains prove to be the primary filter which inhibits the outside dust, dirt and grime from entering your living interior and polluting it for your dear ones.

But, as unfortunate as it may sound, most homeowners tend to put off curtain cleaning for weeks/months, even years. Not that it’s the right thing to do; they find the whole process of taking them down, thoroughly cleaning, pressing and re-hanging it to be a very laborious chore. Instead, most homeowners choose the easier path which is simply replacing them with new ones.

Yet, little do they know that there is another method of maintaining the cleanliness of their curtains without taking them down. (Yeah you heard it right!)All you need are the appropriate tools and the right cleaning knowledge.

To educate you on how to go about cleaning your home curtains without needing to take them down, End of Lease Clean- your reliable cleaning company in Melbourne suggests you these tips.

  1. Vacuum Your Dusty Curtains Properly Using a Powerful Cleaner with a Long Attachment 

If you’re dealing with a dust-filled curtain; use a quality vacuum cleaner with a long handle to clean the existing dust and debris. To quiver the dirt off properly you can make use of a lightweight and portable vacuum cleaner to keep it clean and in tip-top shape.

  • However, if you cannot reach the top of the curtain; you can also use a ladder set with someone holding it below to climb atop your curtains and shake them off from its pole/rod. Doing so will dislodge all adamant dirt and dust from the curtain’s surface.
  • You can also use a soft brush to dust of its surface (along with those curves and corners) manually

Our curtain cleaning specialists operating all across Melbourne also recommends using a lint roller to ensure nothing filthy stick on to the curtain surface. For a better operation; ask the friend below to pull the curtain flat and outwards to allow you better access to its surface and the dirt/dust settled over it.

  1. For Grease or Hideous Curtain Stains; Use the Power of Steam

Do you notice greasy or ugly stains on your curtain surface?

If so, then merely vacuuming or using soft brushes/lint rollers won’t be enough to remove them. That’s why our experienced cleaners recommend resorting to the power of steam.

  • Use a quality and powerful handheld steam cleaner to help extricate those existing grease stains and sticky dirt comprehensively while keeping your curtains in situ.
  • When using a steam cleaner; look to perform vertical strokes (gently) to allow the steam to seep into the curtain fibres without dousing it.
  • Look to work with small sections as that will allow you to cover every curve and corner of your dirty curtain.

(Note:) If you have thick curtains made of natural fibres then this steam cleaning approach will be best-suited to free its surface of all nasty grime, grease and horrid stains. However; you should still pay close attention to the manufacturer’s cleaning guidelines before steam cleaning your curtains.

  1. Look To Deodorise Your Curtains to Remove Stinks

After performing thorough steam clean over your expensive curtains; you should also look to deodorise it properly to make it smell clean and fresh. To do that our curtain cleaning specialists suggests you two ways –

  • You can use a quality upholstery deodoriser to spray over your curtains and free it of its existing stinks
  • Or you can keep a bowl of baking soda blended with your desirable aromatic essential oil on your window sill. This will help your curtains smell clean and fresh.
  1. Don’t Forget To Clean the Windows 

To ensure your cleaned curtains stays clean and smells fresh, you should also make it a point to clean the windows carefully. It’s no secret that your home curtains often get stained or dirty when the windows they veil are themselves dirty.

Our regular home cleaning experts in Melbourne recommend properly cleaning the window panes and doors to be rid of all present grease, dust and grime.

  1. Allow Ample Opportunity for Your Curtains to Breathe

After performing the necessary cleaning chores to keep your curtains clean and fresh; allow your curtains time to get lots ample fresh air and breathe. This will prevent any unwanted stinks, dirt build-up or mould growth from hampering your curtain’s cleanliness and hygiene.


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Our professional cleaners offering affordable curtain cleaning services near you strive to deliver you 100% eco-friendly cleaning solutions without any possibility of shrinkage.

  • We guarantee Zero damage or risks of colour running.
  • We diligently examine the condition of your home curtains to determine the right cleaning approach
  • We make use of our industry-approved quality extraction machines and special cleaning solutions to remove stubborn dirt, soil, bacteria and outside pollutants from your curtain surface
  • We can remove adhesive tape residue, crayon stains, vomit stains, beer stains, candle wax, chocolate stains, paint stains, rust stains and more
  • We also oblige in taking your curtains down, cleaning them and re-installing them free of cost
  • Our curtain cleaning services strictly adhere to the industry standard rates without any hidden costs

As your reliable Same-day curtain cleaning experts in Melbourne; we happily provide both dry and steam curtain cleaning (depending on its condition). And possessing years of experience and knowledge; we are confident in disinfecting all kinds of curtains namely –

  • Sheer Curtains
  • Linings Curtains
  • Box Pleated Curtains
  • Pencil Pleat Curtains
  • Cased Heading Curtains
  • Eyelet Curtains Cleaning
  • Goblet Pleat Curtains
  • Double Box Pleated Curtains


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