Moving house or office is stressful than other tasks we know. It involves a touch process, and that is why early planning for it is necessary. However, if it is end-of-lease move, the pressure involved will double. In this case, you may be considering hiring a professional cleaner to clean the property or DIY. Having doubts about this decision is normal because professional cleaners can be expensive.

It all depends on your specific situation and the state of your home – poor or fair. At first, the pressure of moving all your household possessions, and then the need to keep the property neat similar to how it was before receiving your full bond back.

Now, these two tasks are too difficult to be handled the same time. There is no way you can pack your moving boxes in one hand and clean your carpet on the other hand.

It requires more time and effort. If you have many days to do these tasks, you might do it without error. If you are not sure, DIY cleaning is the wrong idea. Let’s look at these two options to better help your decision.

DIY Cleaning

Avoid underestimating the hard labor involved in cleaning your outgoing home when your lease ends. Note that no matter the landlord’s expectation, you are only required to clean the property to the level it was when you first moved in. Steam cleaning of carpets is included in most house tenancy contracts. This will then give you no choice. Aside from your carpets, there are several things to clean on your own. Begin your end of lease cleaning process with the following helpful tips:

– Create a list of all the tasks and places to be cleaned.
– Make a master plan and clean the room one after the other, avoid spending hours on just one thing.
– Set time for each room cleaning so that you work against this time. Remember you don’t time, your mover may be hurry you up.
– Having your belongings already moved out makes cleaning faster and easier.
– Try to get some help from neighbors or friends.

However, it is not as easy as listed above. Considering the pressure of moving and stress involved.

Should you perform the End-of-Lease Cleaning by yourself or hire Cleaners?

Choosing whether to handle the job on your own or reserve an end-of-lease cleaning service can be challenging sometimes. You may be risking spending a lot of money by hiring a professional cleaner or losing your advance tenancy payment by doing a poor job. The choice is yours.
Provide answers to the following question to decide which option is the best for you:

1. How much work needs to be done?

Finding out the level of works that needs to be done is one way to approach this decision. Consider the number of rooms to be cleaned, and the amount of mess you will deal with. That will give you the idea of whether you will still have spare time from your busy schedule to tackle this job. If you noticed taking on this task will leave you overwhelmed, we suggest you contact and book an end-of-lease cleaning service.
Doing this will enable you to free up your busy schedule and continue the rest of the task on your moving checklist. Regardless of your decision, avoid letting stress block your chance of recovering your tenancy deposit in 100%.

2. Can you meet the cleaning standards?

Cleanliness is said to be an abstract concept, and that we all have different views of it. However, with a rental, that argument cannot be used at all. There are certain requirements agents and landlords settle for when it comes claiming your bond. You can check the matter with your landlord before you complete the end-of-lease cleaning and save yourself some trouble. However, there are some spots in the house that you need to thoroughly clean. Areas, such as frequently used spaces.

How much do you budget for it?

If your moving-out budget is small, the best decision is to handle the end-of-lease cleaning by yourself. However, most people fail to understand certain things. Sometimes, the better deal is to hire professional cleaners. If you need deep-clean carpets of furniture, you will have no choice but to rent the cleaning machines. Especially leaving your rental in good shape, you may need to visit the supermarket and get many detergents and cleaning supplies, which is expensive too.

So, you need to calculate the things to be rented and purchased before you choose DIY cleaning if it is your most affordable option. Check the rates of the cleaning professionals you plan to hire. If the price difference is not much, choose professional cleaning. This will assure you that you will be leaving the rental property in good condition.

Why is DIY End-of-Lease Cleaning is WRONG?

If you are still disturbed about how credible the DIY end-of-tenancy is, you should consider reading the following and understanding the limitations.
Below are why DIY end-of-lease cleaning is considered a bad idea:

~ You don’t have all the Necessary Cleaning Equipment

You cannot just follow your instinct and labels of cleaning products in the supermarket and collect any of them for cleaning. You need to understand that every cleaning agent that is being used as clean-up have their different purposes. Also, thorough carpet cleaning requires a steam carpet cleaner. There is no need to stress yourself and purchase all these items just for a single cleaning.

~ DIY Cleaning is a Costly Task

Thinking you will save some money with DIY cleaning is just a misconception. However, you will certainly face a great loss if you choose to clean the property by yourself rather than hiring a professional cleaning service. Calculate how much equipment and cleaning material will cost you for DIY cleaning, and you will discover that the professionals are charging lesser than you will spend.

~ It takes much of your Time

During a house move, you are practically working on time. Moving each item with care is very stressful. Especially if you have younger children or pets in your house, things can turn stressful for you. You basically will have no time to go round the house and perform the cleaning. Let professionals handle it to revive the property.

5 Benefits of hiring a Professional End-of-Lease Cleaning Service

Landlords expect neat, tidy, and damage-free property. So if you plan to move out and still want to recover your bond amount, you must consider hiring a professional cleaning service to help you clean out the entire building quickly and gently.

Below you will find a few advantages of hiring cleaning companies:

1. Secures bond amount: You may already know that hiring the services of a professional cleaner is advantageous to recovering a 100% bond during moving out of the rental property. Deep cleaning of the property will be done by professional cleaners to help you recover a bond amount at the expiration of your lease contract.
You need to hire a team of experienced cleaning company to be rest assured of quality cleaning get you your bond during move out. This is because you will receive a thorough cleaning of your rental property as required by your landlord. Besides, the cleaning service uses the best cleaning methods so that your security deposit can be recovered.

2. Saves time and money: When you hire a professional cleaning company, the crew members ensure that the property is cleaned and sanitized within the shortest period possible. You won’t be spending much time waiting for them to finish cleaning so that you can move out and recover your security deposit. The company provides top quality services and uses creative cleaning methods. This will prevent you from spending your time and energy in cleaning the whole property.
You can also save your money on costly cleaning supplies and advanced cleaning equipment like vacuum cleaners, automatic floor cleaners, and so on. Even some professional cleaning companies offer extra discounts on their services.

3. Make use of environmental-friendly cleaning solutions: You must know that leading cleaning companies are fully responsible for their customers. They use mild and eco-friendly cleaning solutions to remove the stain in a few minutes so that no harm comes to your health as they clean. You, your kids, and pets are safe with the use of green, eco-friendly, and less harmful cleaning solutions. There will be no harm from chemical exposure, skin allergies, respiratory issues, and other diseases. Environmental solutions generally contain baking soda, salt, vinegar, lemon, and warm water.

4. Make the move-out process simple: Everyone understands that moving-out is a very stressful task. You will spend a great amount of time and energy packing items and loading it in moving trucks. However, you cannot add another responsibility for the thorough cleaning of the whole rental property, especially when it involves bond amount recovery. This is why you can only hire cleaning services as your best option so that your full concentration can be on the moving process. Your stress can be greatly reduced when you have a team of experienced cleaners working by your side. The company does everything like carpet cleaning, disinfecting floors, furniture cleaning, doorknobs, kitchen objects, window frames, and so on.

5. Always maintain the standard of cleanliness: A highly-rated cleaning company keeps the standard of cleanliness. The committed professional cleaners will stick to your instructions to meet your unique cleaning goals in the shortest time. You can expect great cleaning and disinfecting services from your cleaners. As they use safe cleaning solutions to disinfect the entire property and get rid of grimes, dust, and stubborn stains completely.

Final Words

The assurance that you will recover your bond money is the best part of hiring professional cleaners for your end-of-lease cleaning in Melbourne. Even if you still need them to re-clean certain areas in the property after completing the cleaning, the cleaners will still come to your place and do the job for you.

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