Expert-Approved Tips to Eliminate Grout Haze from Tiles Effectively

Expert-Approved Tips to Eliminate Grout Haze from Tiles Effectively

Bathroom cleaning and renovation encompasses a wide range of activities. Of them, cleaning the grout is one. It may appear to be one least important chapter of bathroom renovation, but in reality, it is the most important one. In fact, properly cleaned grout comes in handy in face-lifting the bathroom by quite a few notches.

Why is it important?

Tiles, more so, the high-quality ones, look majestic after being installed on the walls and the floor of a bathroom. In the full glow, they take the look and feel of the bathroom to an altogether new level. But not for long, though. Eventually, they will start losing the sheen and glow and will develop a somewhat shabby and dull look, which is bound to dampen your spirit right away. But that’s nothing serious. It is just the thick film of soap scum, which has accumulated over time due to daily use. And if not taken care of, the film will keep on accumulating and will be a happy ground for most to grow, along the grout line, thus lending a shabby look to your bathroom. Thus, if you have hired a home cleaning company in Point Cook who will clean the bathroom along with the rest of your home, ensure that they carry out tile and grout cleaning as well.

And when we discuss Grout cleaning in Point Cook, it is also about removing the grout haze which is accumulated all over the tile surface, during the installation of the tiles. Hence, it is not only when the tiles get old when you need grout cleaning, but you may need to immediately after installation of new tiles as well.

How to remove the Grout Haze?

When you put stakes on a professional cleaning company, the professionals would use four main tools to have the job done. The tools and methods that they use include:

  • Water and cheesecloth
  • A rubber grout float
  • Diluted white vinegar (to be used only when dealing with ceramic or porcelain tiles), along with a nylon scrub pad
  • Commercial grout haze remover

The Method…

Before the professionals start tiles and grout cleaning in Camberwell, they would….

  • Allow the grout to properly harden: They will let the grout to harden up properly. They will make sure that the surface of the tiles has properly dried up before they start removing the haze. This generally takes 24 hours, though that may vary depending upon the amount of haze that has accumulated.
  • They would determine whether or not the grout is epoxy-based: This is an important observation that the pros will have to consider. Epoxy-based grouts are more stubborn and hence, it takes more to remove the haze from them than the other types of grouts. In all probability, commercial cleaning products might be needed to have the haze removed from these types of grouts.
  • Determining the material the tile is made up of: Surely, and logically, this is the net step whereby the pros concentrate on the material the tiles are made up of, as this will determine what type of cleaning products and methods they will follow for cleaning. If the tiles are of smooth ceramic and porcelain, they might be exposed to the acidic cleaners such as vinegar. However, that does not happen if the tiles are made up of porous stone and slate. This will make the removal of the grout haze a more difficult job even for the pros.

The materials needed

In case your sparkling tiles have turned dull within just a few days of installation, do not get worried. It’s temporary and it is possible to get rid of the haze with little or no effort. The materials needed include vinegar, rubber gloves, polishing terry clothes, tiling sponge, a grout float made up of rubber, cheesecloths. The professionals of grout cleaning service providers in Melbourne would also use protective face shields and flashlights. While the face shield is to protect eyes from the tiny particles of the haze as well as the cleaning agents, the flashlight comes in handy to locate areas that might otherwise be overlooked during the cleaning.

Removing the Grout Haze

Grout haze can be cleaned with the help of elementary gentle astringents like a little bit of your mind dishwashing agent in some warm water, or a spray bottle filled up with standard vinegar. Vinegar is an excellent eco-friendly cleaning agent, which will leave no residue behind, and is thus safer than those detergents that are rich in harsh chemicals that may affect the tiles, spoiling their look and feel during the cleaning. And again, vinegar is also safe for porcelain and ceramic tiles, as well as for the grouts. In the case of stones tiles, using acid cleaners is a strict NO-NO, and that includes rubbing alcohol as well as vinegar.

Thus, the professionals would put on dust masks, to prevent the entry of tiny particles from the haze to enter into the nose and eyes.

Besides, the pros will also protect their hands with rubber gloves. They would wring thoroughly, before cleaning as too much water will cause damage to the grout. After cleaning, they will wipe off the surface of the tile with a damp towel or cheesecloth. This will help to lift off the grout haze from the surface of the tiles, bringing back their natural gloss and glitter.

Using Commercial Haze Removers

Professionals of tiles and grout cleaning companies in Point Cook like anywhere else would use commercial haze removers if the grout haze is significantly stubborn. They would use these commercial cleaners after thoroughly scrubbing the tile with the gentle cleaners. These commercial haze removers would cut through the accumulated grime pretty fast, giving back its original look and feel, thereby face lifting the look and feel of your bathroom.

Thus you see this entire process of tiles and grout haze cleaning is a pretty complicated one and needs the intervention of professionals of reputed companies. What better name can you opt for than End of Lease Clean? Call us at 03 8583 9109  to know more about us in further detail!