Every business wants to leave a good impression, and cleanliness plays a major role in this aspect. When clients step into your office, the first they see is your carpet.

Dirty, tired, and stained carpeting can negatively impact what your customer thinks of your business. Your company might be the best in the neighborhood, but appearances will make or break your business in the long term.

When you have clean and inviting carpet people assume your business is productive.

Commercial carpets survive frequent sprinklings of debris and dirt, especially in commonly-used areas. To make sure that potential customers don’t look the other way at the sight of your carpet, you need to make sure your carpets are looking clean and free of dirt, bacteria, and debris.

So how often should you clean your office carpet?

Excessively cleaning your carpet will make you waste money or cause unnecessary wear to your carpet based on the cleaning method you adopt for the carpet.

However, taking longer than normal to clean office carpeting will also wear the carpets prematurely and lead to a substandard look of your entire office.

There is no direct answer to how often you should clean your office carpet, because, every building is different. However, there are some recommendations and guidelines that work for most facilities. Let’s highlight these to figure out how to schedule your office carpet cleaning.

Factors That Affect Frequent Carpet Cleaning

How frequently you should clean your office carpet mostly depends on many factors. From different materials used to make carpets, to how frequently you are using certain areas of your facility’s space, these factors will greatly affect your carpet cleaning arrangement. When you review these, you will have a clear understanding of when to clean your facility’s carpets.

Give answers to the following to draw your conclusion:

  1. How frequently do you use the space?
    As you probably think, the number of times that people walk on the carpet is significant to how frequently you have to clean. If clients often come into your shop to make purchases, for instance, you need to find out the number of customers that come in and plan cleaning frequency on that number.If there are certain spaces in your office that rarely experience traffic, you will have to clean them during normal carpet cleaning, which we will discuss briefly.
  2. What type of carpet are you using?
    The color and style of your carpet will impact the frequency of cleaning it. In most cases, lighter carpets tend to absorb more dirt than thick and heavy carpets, and that is why they will require more frequent cleaning than once per annum.
  3. What about style and color?You sure don’t want to have a guest arrive in your office and see a huge stain in the center of your carpet. However, if there are white carpets in your office space then you probably have to clean more often.Color is a huge factor to note, but also are pile type, density, and nap. In general, lighter color attracts frequent cleaning. High naps will also require frequent cleaning. Fortunately, offices usually have short naps so you shouldn’t have to perform frequent cleaning for that reason.
  4. What is the type of space or nature of business are you into?
    Your type of space will also affect your carpet cleaning arrangement.Which types of commercial areas require more often carpet cleaning?

    • Medical facilities/Nursing homes: There are numerous regulations concerning the cleaning and sanitation of healthcare facilities. Since there is unending awareness of airborne contaminants, increasing of cleaning schedules of healthcare facilities is never overemphasized, especially for carpet cleaning.
    • Restaurants/Bars: Quarterly cleaning and protection of carpets in a restaurant or bar is required. This is necessary because of the rate of spillage that occur there and the grease that is tracked in from the kitchen.
    • Retail stores: If you have a retail store with much foot traffic, you should be cleaning your carpet and protect it every three to six months.
    • Churches: Deep cleaning and protection of carpet in the church should be done once a year. However, they should have some areas like their entrances cleaned several times a year based on their size.
    • Office buildings: Carpets in office buildings should be cleaned every six months to one year based on the number of workers and the conditions they walk in on the way to the entrance of the building.
    • Schools: Carpet cleaning should be done in schools every 3 – 6 month schedule.
  5. What of changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic?
    Carpet cleaning may be required more frequently, however, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Guidance from the United Kingdom government indicates that frequent cleaning of the office is important to stay safe during this time. Especially if an infected person has been in your workplace, you will want to be extra careful.Fortunately, while an infected person is infectious than this, the leftover infectious virus is greatly reduced after 48 hours in a contaminated environment (not a healthcare setting). However, if you want to be super-safe, it is highly important to clean your carpets often and immediately after any exposure.
  6. Seasonal changes?
    This also impacts the state of your carpets. When there is much rain, for instance, your workers might track in some mud on their shoes. During winter, there may be extra challenges with slush, snow, and ice used to prevent pavements from freezing over. While having mats at the door may help, there will probably still be leftover traces of seasonal changes anytime employees enter.If there are many weather activities in your location, then you also will need to deep clean your office carpets frequently. This is so true of areas closer to the entrance, and places that experience much traffic that everyone walks over when they are approaching the office areas, like hallways.
  7. What the type of service is needed?There are workplace cleaning companies that offer various services for your carpet. That is why the type of service you need will determine the frequency of cleaning needed for your carpet. The major services offered include vacuuming, shampooing, and actual cleaning.These services provide different results in general, since they involve the use of different techniques altogether.For vacuuming, it can be frequently done, unlike deep cleaning and shampooing which will take much cleaning time since they involve using water.

Three Best Techniques to Clean Your Office Carpeting

Doing the following three things regularly will make sure your carpeting keeps its good look and remain stronger.

  1. Vacuuming: Regular vacuuming is one of the best and cost-effective ways to get rid of dirt from your carpeting. But you must make sure it is rightly done. That implies that you must make use of the perfect vacuum and do it gently over the carpet in the four (east/west/north/south) directions.

How frequently should you vacuum your carpets?

  • For high traffic areas like ground floor halls and entrances, you sure will need daily vacuuming.
  • Areas with moderate traffic like general offices areas or corridors should normally be vacuumed every day or at least three to four times per week.
  • Fewer traffic areas like executive offices and conference rooms can often be vacuumed every week unless there is much traffic to the place.
  1. Spot cleaning: Each stain can reduce the usable life of the carpet. Getting rid of dirt one thing, but removing a deeply settled stain can be challenging. Stains can also create an awful look, which will usually force managers to replace the carpet sooner than necessary. Spot cleaning is the vital key to preventing such stains. Spot-treating the stain sooner will give you better chances of removing it successfully.

Try out these steps for effective spot cleaning

  • Contact professional for heavier stains, such as glue residue, mustard, dyes, and ketchup.
  • Having someone check your carpeting regularly for any stains to spot-clean them is also a good idea.
  • You can also add this to your carpet preventative maintenance program.
  1. Preventative cleaning: This is the best method to keep your carpet looking great and lasting longer. This program involves professionally cleaning your carpets at regular intervals (which may vary for different spaces based on the carpet’s condition, usage, and traffic). Similar to regular vehicle maintenance, the idea of a preventative cleaning program is to spend a few amounts of money to keep your carpet in a stellar condition so you can avoid spending big costs on restorative cleaning in the long run. Preventative cleanings will also ensure your carpet keeps its cleaner look for a longer time.

How often should you be Cleaning Your Office Carpet? Answered!

Cleaning your carpet should be added to your regular part of your business maintenance requirements. Regular in this context is based on several factors, such as:

Carpet color and style: color, density, nap, pile type and more will impact the frequency of your cleaning

Foot traffic: more dirt are tracked into your business when there is an increase in foot traffic

Type of office space: 


  • Child care:


  • How regular should I clean it? Daily
  • Professional cleanings: Once weekly
  • Clean more often when: There are disease outbreaks
  • Nursing Homes or Aged Care Homes:
  • How regular should I clean it? Weekly
  • Professional cleanings: Once a month
  • Clean more often when: When humidity is high
  • Restaurants:
  • How regular should I clean it? Weekly
  • Professional cleanings: Once a month
  • Clean more often when: Climate is dry and dusty outdoor
  • Schools:
  • How regular should I clean it? Every month or two
  • Professional cleanings: Every three to six months
  • Clean more often when: Climate is dry and dusty outdoor
  • Office buildings:
  • How regular should I clean it? Every three to six
  • Professional cleanings: Every eight to twelve months
  • Clean more often when: Your office is at ground level



Contact the Professionals

If your office sees much foot traffic, you should be having professional cleaning services perform a deep cleaning every 1 – 2 months.

For moderate traffic, you should do carpet cleaning every three months.

If your carpets only experience light foot traffic that doesn’t come from outdoor directly, you can perform cleaning of your carpets once in six months.

A professional commercial carpet cleaning will change the look and feel of your carpets to new. Consider your cleaning as an investment and not as an expense.

When you make sure your carpets maintain a great look with frequent cleanings, you elongate the lifetime and will save you money on costs of replacement.


There are several reasons you should allow professionals to clean your carpet. To ensure your commercial space gives the best possible impression to clients, employees, and visitors, be sure to call the cleaning pros at Best Carpet Cleaning Melbourne. Our office number is 03 8583 9109; call in to get more information on our carpet cleaning services.

Frequently Asked Questions

How frequently should you clean your commercial carpet?

Office buildings should clean their carpets every six months to a year based on the number of workers and the situations they walk in to access the building. Schools should clean their carpets on an every 3 – 6 month interval.

Is cleaning carpets professionally worth it? 

If your home susceptible to spoils or accidents that are stubborn to clean, you may invest in a small cleaner. However, you should bring in a professional cleaner to perform general cleaning of your carpet surface.

What is the cost of cleaning a carpet professionally? 

Do you have any hidden costs for carpet cleaning? The national average in 2018 is $175 for the carpet cleaning (one room and entire house projects). Prepare to pay from $120 to $35 for typical homes and $350 to $550 or higher for larger whole-house projects.

How long is the lifespan of commercial carpet? 

The longest carpet warranty you’ll discover is 15 years, but the country’s average lifespan of a commercial carpet is 7 years. With the relevant maintenance plan, you can expect most carpets to last around 10 years or even a bit longer. But if your carpet has been serving you for longer than that, its days could be long gone.

Which is better between shampooing or steam cleaning carpets?   

Reputable carpet cleaning companies will give a customized recommendation about the ideal method for your home. In most cases, shampooing carpeting is ideal for floors that are stained or heavily stained. Steam cleaning is the preferred option when the carpeting is so much soiled without major stains.