Steam Cleaning of Commercial Upholstery - Where the Edge Lies?

Steam Cleaning of Commercial Upholstery – Where the Edge Lies?

There is no prize in guessing that it takes much more to clean commercial spaces than private properties. The reason is pretty obvious! Office and other commercial spaces enjoy more traffic than the private properties and are exposed to more dust and dirt lackluster handling by people!

Therefore, when it comes to cleaning commercial upholstery, you must use steam cleaning, which is the most effective way to clean. That’s what the professional cleaners will do and we at End of Lease Clean, with 5 years of experience do no different. But why?

It’s simply because steam cleaning has a clear edge over the other cleaning techniques.

Steam cleaning removes the dirt and dust effectively

Commercial upholstery gathers a lot of dirt and dust and over time, they get deep into the surface and settle once and for all. The coarser dust particles act like sandpaper and scrub the inner surface lines of the upholstery, thereby causing faster wear and tear.

These dirt and dust particles are almost impossible to be removed by any cleaning method other than steam cleaning. The super-hot steam generated by the hot water will help to eliminate the dust particles from deep inside the surface, leaving the upholstery perfectly clean. That is why steam cleaning is the safest and the best way of office upholstery cleaning in Melbourne like anywhere else in the world.

Steam cleaners leave the surface intact and unaffected

Since steam cleaning is all about using super hot water and the steam that is generated by the water, it will never have any adverse effect on the surface and the material it is made up of. Due to the absence of any harsh chemicals, the colour also remains unaffected. Therefore, even after some rigorous cleaning, the upholstery remains intact.

Steam cleaning removes dust mites along with other unwanted stuff

Another amazing edge that steam cleaning has over other forms of commercial upholstery cleaning in Melbourne is that the method not only removes dirt and dust, but also the dust mites and other harmful organisms, which cannot be removed by following the other cleaning methods. While the methods will clean only the dirt leaving the mites behind, professional steam cleaning will exterminate the mites as well, comprehensively.

Steam cleaners help to deodorize the upholstery

If you want to deodorise the upholstery besides cleaning them, steam cleaning is the best method. Just the right type of deodorant can be added with the water, which is used to generate the steam. It will do the trick and it will leave your office with a pleasant fragrance after the cleaning is done.

Steam cleaning helps you in cost saving

Steam cleaning of upholstery will not only clean them but will ensure that their life span is lengthened. With this type of cleaning inflicting no harm to the carpets, it not only cleans effectively but minimises the maintenance cost, thereby helping in cost-cutting.

Therefore, you see, there are so many advantages of using the steam cleaning method to clean up your upholstery – the reason why every commercial upholstery cleaning company in Brighton like anywhere else in Melbourne will follow this technique when picking up cleaning assignments. We at End of Lease Clean do the same. For further details call us at 03 8583 9109.