The Importance of Commercial End of Lease Cleaning From Landlords’ Perspective

Whenever a tenant vacates a commercial property; You being the landlord are left with tons of things to accomplish.

Besides making sure that your property-for-rent is not left vacant for a long period; you also have to clean and prepare that space for the next renter- which truth be told is never an easy task. More so, if the previous tenant vacated abruptly leaving the property looking messy or inadequately cleaned.

Being the owner of the commercial property, you need to remove its existing clutter, filth, untidiness and clean it up thoroughly so that every room looks in tip-top shape and attracts the best-rates possible.

DIGGING DEEPER: – Importance of Commercial Lease Cleaning For Landlords!

  • A Spic-& Span Property Makes It Easier For You Convince Tenants to Move-In

If your commercial property appears cleaner, de-cluttered and hygienic, you as the landlord will have a better chance in convincing your potential tenants to move in.  Your clients will most likely be office runners or retail business owners who always prioritise on workplace cleanliness- both for positive workflow and employee’s health.

As soon as they walk into a spotlessly clean and properly organised rental space, they will feel more appreciated, thus making it easier for you to come to a mutual tenancy agreement.

Plus, if the standard of cleanliness creates a good impression on your potential tenant, you can even try to negotiate the rent level by increasing it slightly.

  • With That Perfect 1st Impression You Also Lay Down Your Cleaning Expectations For The Tenant To Uphold.

One of the most crucial things whenever putting up a commercial-property-for-rent for potential tenants is that perfect 1st impression! Most tenants carry themselves around on the basis of how you introduce yourself and your property as well as the measures you took to achieve that standard of commercial cleaning.

By presenting them a commercial rental space thoroughly cleaned from every inch of its corner, you lay down your cleaning expectations and standard for the tenant to uphold during their rental period.

What this does is inspire the tenant to maintain that high cleanliness standard throughout and take good care of your offered space. Plus, by setting such a high standard, your tenants will also know that they need to hire a professional cleaning company which has to perform a high end vacate cleaning. If they somehow fall short of your set expectation, they may risk retrieving their full security deposit at the time of vacating.

So, as the landlord, this is another reason why proper lease cleaning is important. You not only create a good relationship with your tenant but also have the upper hand over them.

  • Proves To Be the Best Way to Safeguard Your Costly Investment

Performing a commercial end of lease cleaning is the best way to protect your costly investment before renting it out.  With the property deep cleaned, you can always take an inventory for references in case there is a dispute in the future over the security deposit. It’s called: condition report.

By taking images of carpets, walls, ceilings, bathrooms, kitchens and other areas; you can show it to your previous tenant as proof of their substandard cleaning. And without giving them back the security deposit due to their poor commercial vacate cleaning, you will always be in a formidable position to repair and maintain your property at the end of a tenancy.

3 Good Reasons Why Landlords Should Choose Professional End of Lease Cleaning Over DIY Cleaning

There are plenty of benefits in choosing professionals to clean your commercial rental property.

  • You Achieve The Highest Cleaning Standards

If you wish to make a great 1st impression on your potential tenant, then hiring professional cleaners is the right decision.  They have the field experience, the appropriate tools, equipment and resources to deliver you detailed commercial deep cleaning within your budget and as per your expectations.

They will offer you deep cleaning and sanitisation to save both your effort and time. And by focussing on every nook and corner of your commercial property, they will deliver you the highest quality cleaning using innovative techniques.

  • They Will Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Detergents

These fantastic cleaners will always focus on the health of their clients while performing their comprehensive cleaning chores. And one way they achieve that is by using eco-friendly cleaning detergents which removes all types of stains and mould without damaging the property.

Plus, these green cleaning solutions safeguard people from any kind of toxic chemical exposure, diseases or skin allergies.

  • They Take All Your Cleaning Stress Away

Top-shelf end of lease cleaners will always take away your cleaning stress and allow you to focus on other crucial responsibilities, like finding suitable tenants who pay well and on time.

Whether it’s the bathroom, kitchen, furniture, doorknobs, floors, carpets, walls, or even common corridors, these expert cleaners will leave no stones unturned and will always guarantee you peace of mind along with 100% cleaning satisfaction.

Call End of Lease Clean To Get Top-Quality Cleaning @ Unbeatable Rates!

Keeping your high cleaning standard in mind along with that perfect 1st impression for your tenant; we, @ End of Lease Clean, always offer you comprehensive office/commercial lease clean-ups within your agreed budget and convenient time.

We understand that as a landlord; you always want your commercial property to appear spotless clean to your potential tenants. For that, we offer you our team of dedicated lease termination cleaners having an excellent track record in meeting 1500+ client’s expectations.

Each of our end of lease cleaning professionals is licensed and thoroughly trained. And when performing their cleaning operations, they will always use industry-approved equipment and eco-friendly biodegradable detergents to achieve top-results.

Our expert cleaners also understand the complexities involved in commercial lease cleaning, especially ones that are fully furnished. And using their experience and unique cleaning approach, they will craftily clean everything right from desks, bathrooms, reception areas, sinks and even dirt-filled office carpets.

Apart from the cleaning, we at, end of lease, are able to also organise your carpet steam cleaning (including the stain removal service) and the upholstery cleaning, which might be steam cleaning or leather polishing.

So, if you are a landlord wanting your property to look its absolute best for the upcoming tenant, then give us a call anytime. We offer our commercial end of lease cleaning all across Melbourne, and we deliver them at industry-standard rates.

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